7 steps to achieve your dream

Can achievement br broken down into steps??.People who ACHIEVE GREAT THINGS usually go through much of the same process,with many of the items listed below aa a part of that process.So if you have been struggling with achievement,look through the following.

1-DREAM IT!!.                                                Every dream begins in the heart and the mind.Every great achievement began in the mind of one person.They dared their selves to DREAM,to believe it was possible Take some time to asky your self “what if“??.You should think BIG.Don’t let negative thinking discourage want to be a “dreamer”.Dream for possibilities for your self,your family,and others…….

2-BELIEVE IT!!                                      Yes!,your dream needs to be big!.It needs to be something that is seemingly beyond your capabilities.But it also must be believable.You must be able to say that if certain things take place,if others help,if you work hard enough,though it’s a BIG DREAM,it can still. E done.

3-SEE IT!!                                                          The great achievers have a very important habit is that they “see” things.example: NBA players picture the ball 🏀 going through the basket.PHA golfers picture the ball going straight down the fairway.

4-TELL IT!!                                                           One reason why many dreams never go anywhere.because the dreamer never tell people about his is a quiet dream that only lived in his mind. The one who want to achieve his/her dream should tell the dream to many people.1 reason:as we continually say it we begin to belive it more and more.

5-PLAN IT!!                                                          Ever dream must take the form of a need to sit down,on a regular basis and plan out a strategy to achieve that dream.Break the while plan down into small workable parts.set a time frame for accomplishing each task on your dream plan.

6-WORK IT!!                                                           Life wouldn’t be grand if we could quit before this one.Unfortunately the successful are usually the hardest workers.

7-ENJOY IT!!                                                          When you have reached your goal and you are living your dream,make sure you enjoy it.enjoy the whole trip too.give yourself rewards among the way.when your reach there give your self a huge reward.

N.B:help others to enjoy their dream also.make them happy like you❤.

“Vision is the spectacular that inspires us to carry out the mundane”

Hope you enjoyed reading the post🤗❤

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10 things I can’t live without 

Hey everyone,

In today’s post i will write about the most important 10 thins that I can’t live without.

• Mobile phones or electronics. Actually my mobile phone and my laptop 💻 they play a very big role in my life!!. When i am bored or sitting alone i take my mobile and then i open YouTube,Facebook,Twitter,Whatsapp…..etc. Then i watch some movies 🎥, play some games, open some video songs (lyrics)…. of course we all  do this.😂

•Food and beverages🤤. they are the main things in my life that I really can’t live without. My mom and my grandma they ate really good at cooking they cook things that can’t be imagined. Sometimes when i am bored i go down stairs with my mom to the kitchen to cook or to bake some cakes 🎂.and when i go out i drink cherry cokes it’s taste is amazing with some food !!🤤

• My family & friends.!!They are very important to me really everyone should thank god cause he gave you lovely ❤ people to care about you.To advice you,to protect you,to do anything you want to make  you happy 😊 . Parents,sibling/s

,friends,cousins,aunts,uncles,grandparents all  these people are really important to me. I love them all ❤.

•sports…!! Sports are really important to your body.They help your body to become stronger. I am a squash player. I really love squash it helps me not to get fater or to be also helped me to make new friends. I love them they love me.

•reading and drawing!..are my favorite hobbies.when I am bored i get some papers and draw,or when I don’t want to draw i read new books 📚 my mum always buy me new books.

•going out.! I really can’t live without going out if I didn’t go out once a week minimum i can die. Going out is like my life cinema=Television,fast food or restaurant =homemade food,ice cream doughnut 🍩 =my mom’s cake “they are really delicious 😋 ”

•traveling!. Traveling I really love traveling.each summer my dad take us to a place in Egypt 🇪🇬 called “Ras sedr” and sometimes we go to el “Gouna”. We go with our family members.but every like 2 or 3 years my grandpa 👴 takes us to America or Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 any country. I really love traveling.❤

My bedd!!.My bed is the main important thing in my life I really can’t sleep 😴 in another place (in my aunts house or in any hotels) I don’t feel comfortable cause this isn’t my bed and this isn’t my pillow. I sleep like 1 or 2 hours then i wake uop then i sleep 1 or 2 hours then i wake until morning comes then I begin my that’s why I told my mom that i should take my bed every where we”I”go.

•I can’t live without My blog Magazine.(I know that this is my first post but I wrote many posts and I deleted them).It’s also kind of a hobby when I have a free time i open my phone 📱 or my laptop 💻 i open my site then i start to write some posts then I publish them then I delete them but I won’t delete this post.

•last but not least Music 🎶. When i play sports I hear music,when i study i hear music when I am bored I hear music. Everything i do i hear with it music.❤🎶

Hope you enjoyed my post.❤

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My first blog

Hey everyone,

Actually this is my first post on my website.I really don’t call it a blog i call it an online magazine. I really want to thank my friends who helped me doing it, they told me about it and i really got excited. I will be writing so many different topics every week, I didn’t prefer writing on 1 topic .I will be writing on my free time but not everyday……..hope you enjoy it ❤

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